Growing better proteins for the future of food.

Unlocking the vast potential of plants to produce animal proteins for human nutrition.

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About IngredientWerks

IngredientWerks is a leading molecular farming developer of plant-based ingredients for food and nutritional alternative proteins.

Our plants become protein manufacturing systems, pioneering a new era of food production.

Our plant-based ingredients provide a sustainable solution for superior taste, quality, and dramatically-reduced costs for the rapidly expanding alternative protein market.

IngredientWerks corn pile

Proven Experience

We are leveraging our more than 100 years of plant-based alternative protein development experience to provide quality and cost solutions to leading alternative protein food companies. We are targeting improved nutrition and taste profiles through custom crop engineering and dramatically lowering the cost of production and greenhouse gas emissions through crop-based, instead of fermentation-based alternative protein production infrastructure design.

Pioneering a New Era in Food Production With:

Plants as manufactories

Innovative technology platform

Bioidentical to animal-based proteins

Cost-effective to scale

Nature-based, renewable food production

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